Rebuilding after Taiphoon Hayan, Philippines

There’s no doubt that Taiphoon Hayan was one of the most destructive natural disasters to hit humankind in 2013, which cost the lives and livelihoods of many people in the Philippines. After the storm, Charity Cat asked PUMA employees worldwide for donations. Thanks to the fantastic support of the colleagues and PUMA management, 30.000 euros were raised for the cause. Charity Cat gave 10.000 euros to the organisation Springboard – one of our organisation’s long-term projects – which utilized the funds for relief efforts in one of the hardest-hit regions, Visayas. Inhabitants from the area lost not only their homes, but also their income due to the taiphoon; meaning most families were not able to rebuild their homes without support. The 10.000 euros donated to Springboard were therefore used to build new houses – giving 40 families a home again.