Update 2016-17

Throughout 2016, Charity Cat was very active in line with our motto “be part of something good”. Thanks to your donations and engagement we were able to support regional and global projects, as well as emergency relief.

For example, following Hurricane Matthew on Haiti, an orphanage run by a long-term partner project took in an additional 80 people that had lost their homes. To allow the orphanage to provide enough food, water and shelter, Charity Cat raised 1000 Euros and tripled it to 3000 Euros for donation to the project FONMEH e.V. “Hand in Hand for Haitian Children”.

Combining charity with PUMA’s focus on sports, Charity Cat was represented with the second-largest team at the cancer run “Lauf gegen Krebs” in neighboring Erlangen. The run benefitted Erlangen University Clinic’s cancer ward. The Clinic became the beneficiary of another fundraiser later in the year: we organized an event and a Christmas pub quiz to purchase sports equipment for the children’s ward.

Our group also continued its support of other local and worldwide NGOs, such as the children and young people’s home Bolle in Berlin, Sozialtreff Erlangen, refugee projects by Doctors without Borders, or “von Herz zu Herz” on the Philippines. Various refugee organizations, food stores and women’s shelters in the region received product donations.

If you want to be part of a great organization or want to receive further information, you can contact us at info@charity.cat.de.