Hurricane Matthew – Disaster Relief for our Caribbean Project

When Category 5 Hurricane Matthew hit the Caribbean sea, it left destruction behind. Particularly in Haiti. We at Charity Cat have a long-time partner, FONMEH e.V. Association, on the island that looks after children in an orphanage. They sent us this message to ask for help:

“Unfortunately only bad news are reaching us from Haiti since Monday.

The powerful hurricane Matthew has been very destructive, especially in the south where our orphanage is located.

Many are dead and much damage was done, yet our house is one of the few which were not destroyed.

In a short period of time our house has become a shelter for many people from surrounding areas, because none of the houses in the neighborhood have roofs left.

About 50 to 80 additional persons are staying at the orphanage, as they do not have any other place to go. I have asked the manager, who luckily went shopping for supplies right before the storm, to provide water and food for these people as well.

In all this suffering, we feel grateful to be able to support all these people through our orphanage. However, we are not prepared to take care of so many needy people and must now share everything we have with them.

We don’t like to write mails with a direct request for donations, but we feel that everything in our power must be set in motion to help these people who need us so much right now.

Why are the poorest of the poor hit once again? This is a question we cannot answer but we can give our support!

We very much hope for your help through a donation. […]”

As a consequence, we decided to support this association further and asked for help from PUMA employees. For two weeks, all the donations collected via bank transfers through and our donation boxes in the German PUMA offices were ring fenced for FONMEH e.V.

With success – with the support of our colleagues, we were able to raise 1.000 EUR, and increased it with our funds to 3.000 EUR. With this great donation, we could give almost 80 additional people shelter with food, water, and a place to stay. Thanks to all who helped!

Find out more about the partner FONMEH e.V. and the work on Haiti: LINK