Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga (“to give care”) is the project of a Christian aid organization called Couples for Christ (CFC) which was founded in 1981 in the Philippines.  This organization cooperates closely with various governments, individuals and organizations both in the Philippines and abroad.

Goals of Gawad Kalinga:

  • Elimination of slums by building or renovating houses and involving all people living there
  • Improvement of medical services by building hospitals, introducing immunization programs, etc.
  • Education programs for children to help break through the cycle of drugs, poverty, and crime
  • Education programs for adults on helping to gain subsistence for their families
  • Fighting against crime and drugs
  • Reaching a peaceful cohabitation of Christians and Muslims
  • Combating corruption

With the assistance of our staff in the PUMA office in Manila Charity Cat is able to have a close cooperation with Gawad Kalinga. Our donations support Gawad Kalinga to help reach their targets.