Sozialtreff Erlangen

Sozialtreff Erlangen is a group of people which aims to help needy people and to raise awareness of social problems in Erlangen.

People from different backgrounds can meet there to exchange information or to help each other. The organisation offers free food and is always there if the people have any worries or needs. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, there is also a free breakfast for the visitors.

Charity Cat supports the society with financial donations as well as with voluntary helpers.

For example Charity Cat donated 2.000 € in 2014 and 1.000 € so far in 2015 for regular bulk purchases of food and provided a big bus to make the purchase easier. Some members of Charity Cat also regularly support the organization during the food shopping trip and the food distribution.

Furthermore Sozialtreff Erlangen distributes clothes on some Saturdays, which come from voluntary donors. Charity Cat has already provided them with clothes and toys. Charity Cat has planned to give further support throughout the rest of the year.