This year, we at Charity Cat are continuing to work with our long-term project partner Fonmeh e.V. The organisation supports more than 40 orphans and children in need since the earthquake in 2010 in its children’s home in Les Cayes, Haiti. 

Additionally to our yearly financial donation, we gave three large boxes of children’s clothes, shoes and backpacks to the organisation. Together with other donated items, a group including the organisation’s leader, Mondi Benoit, took the things to the children on a trip to Haiti. According to Mondi, it is “always a highlight for the children when a group of people arrives from Germany with new PUMA clothing and shoes.” 

In April 2018, six people from Landsberg travelled to Les Cayes to tackle different works on the orphanage: building new handrails, repairing beds, giving music lessons and more. 

The living costs in Haiti have continued to rise, which makes yearly donations like that from Charity Cat ever more important – it’s what helps the organisation to meet the children‘s basic needs, keep them housed and educated. 

More about the project: 

You can find a complete travel report in German on the organisation’s website at: