We’ve got a new look!

Have you noticed the new logo yet? It is time for us to refresh our spirit and bring excitement, while keeping the focus on our core values and working areas. That is the reason why we have decided to update our logo and make it more inclusive. Charity Cat is all about giving back to our planet and communities, work that comes directly from our hearts to the people who need it the most, that is why we chose the red color. We bring our strength together, put our hands into work for those who are in a
disadvantaged position; so we included a pair of hands that are coming together. All surrounded by our motto “Be part of something good”, which inspires us to keep moving forward.
Also, we have a new physical address:
P U M A – W a y 1
9 1 0 7 4 , H e r z o g e n a u r a c h
Please update your contact details accordingly.