STEP e.V Erlangen, sub-project "Groß für Klein"

“Step e.V. Erlangen” is a non-profit association in the field of youth and family support. The team of the “Ambulanten Hilfen Erlangen-Forchheim”, as a part of this organization, takes care of socio-pedagogical family assistance.
Many families live in poor conditions and often even on the breadline. This is also true for our immediate surroundings. It is the children who suffer the most.
During the daily work of the team with the socially disadvantaged families, financial bottlenecks came up consistently. It became clear that particularly essential things are missing such as school and educational material, children’s and baby clothing as well as shoes which are urgently needed.
In order to help quickly and straighforwardly, the donation initiative “Groß für Klein” was initiated.
Charity Cat has also supported this initiative since 2019. In 2019 and 2020 Charity Cat’s donation of accessories, apparel and shoes helped many poor families and young refugees. All children were very happy and expressed their thankfullness by sending a collective 
thank-you letter each time.