It goes without saying that during a health and economic crisis underdeveloped countries and impoverished areas of society are the ones hit the hardest. The neighborhood of la Boquilla in Cartagena, Colombia is a clear example of this social distress. Those who enter the area will not be able to feel more moved by the panorama. Poverty can be seen and breathed in every corner. Houses made with clay, wood boards of little 1.5 meters high; naked and barefoot children running through the streets littered with rubble.

Social problems like violence, Isolation and analphabetism have been part of this community for decades now. The current spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19) is causing even more distress and fear around the families in this long-forgotten community. Now there is a new and more stressful problem surrounding the community, hunger & Food insecurity.

Needless to say, to completely resolve these major issues will require time and collaboration with the local government. But as members of a privilege community there is so much we can do tu alleviate the pain, frustration and in this case hunger in children and families of this community. This is the reason why Charity Cat decided to support a plan that would see more than 100 families, around 600+ people with a food supply for at least one month. To put things in perspective, each food basket meant to feed a family of six had a cost of around €26, which is equal to feeding one person for one whole month with €4.3, €0.15 per day.

Thanks to the setup and support of Real de Indias FC, an official Charity Cat partner that brings football and education to children in this community, we where able to support the local economy by buying and arranging the food baskets locally and at the same time, involving all the team’s football players and in this act of charity and good will. It was thanks to the efforts of the Charity Cat members and all our partners in Colombia, that the mentioned underprivilege families won’t have to worry about putting food on the table for at least a month.

On top of this beautiful gesture and incredible impact in the community of la Boquilla, Charity Cat is pleased to say that another community of Cartagena Colombia was also benefit. El Pozon, Isla de Leon.

The community of Isla de Leon is just as poor and in need of support as la Boquilla. The foundation Sonrisas de Leon is another charity foundation specialized in nutrition and food distress in this community. Charity Cat was pleased to support their cause by giving them the resources to organize a full lunch for 600+ children.

One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference. Ending hunger is a goal that is within our grasp. If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one, all it takes is €0.15 cents.