Man and boy in front of a brick building

Classrooms without windows or doors? Sponsoring a school building in Uganda

A door, some windows, desks and at least a chair per child… That’s what we think of, when we picture a classroom. At Kihihi Primary School in Uganda, Things look a little different.  There, the floors are raw cement, the walls are brick without paint or wallpaper, the openings for windows and doors have no actual windows or doors in them.

Robert Matovu wants to change this. In his spare time and with his LETS GO GREEN project, he helps to improve the lives of the kids and his country at several schools. For example he plants trees and improves the school buildings, which he funds with help from sponsors. At the same time, the children learn how to care for nature and live more sustainably. A good thing, agreed our Charity Cat member Ingrid, who met robert on a trip to Uganda.  

Charity Cat has decided to donate the funds for a new block of classrooms at the Kihihi Primary School and so improve the kids’ learning environment. The donation arrivesd at the school through Robert at the end of February. We are in regular contact with both Robert Matovu and the school’s principal and are looking forward to posting photos of the progress of the building works soon! 

PHOTOS: Kihihi Primary School, Kihihi Town Council, Uganda, is financed in part by parents and in part by the government. Anything beyond the basics is done with the help of sponsors – including flooring or tree planting projects with the kids