About Charity Cat e.V.

CHARITY CAT was founded in early 2004 by 20 PUMA employees .
The members of CHARITY CAT are volunteers and donate their free time to make the identified charitable projects happen.

With the help of PUMA we have the possibility to use PUMA’s infrastructure and other internal opportunities.

Charity Cat’s support is based on the following guidelines:

  • Donations are only made to institutions whichhave a well-founded need,after Charity Cat members have determined the individual requirements on site (we decided to focus on supporting other charitable organizations instead of individual human destinies)

  • Charity Cat does not restrict its aid to money donations. Support also includes donations of clothes, shoes, toys and other goods
  • Where ever possible, PUMA employees abroad ensure that donations are used as intended
  • Charity Cat is informed about the progress in order to verify and experience the activities and the success of the projects
  • Charity Cat’s efforts are deliberately not used for advertising purposes

So far Charity Cat’s funds are a combination of private and commercial donations of money and products.

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