About Charity Cat e.V.

CHARITY CAT was founded in early 2004 by 20 PUMA employees .
The members of CHARITY CAT are volunteers and donate their free time to make the identified charitable projects happen.

With the help of PUMA we have the possibility to use PUMA’s infrastructure and other internal opportunities.

Charity Cat’s support is based on the following guidelines:

  • Donations are only made to institutions whichhave a well-founded need,after Charity Cat members have determined the individual requirements on site (we decided to focus on supporting other charitable organizations instead of individual human destinies)

  • Charity Cat does not restrict its aid to money donations. Support also includes donations of clothes, shoes, toys and other goods
  • Where ever possible, PUMA employees abroad ensure that donations are used as intended
  • Charity Cat is informed about the progress in order to verify and experience the activities and the success of the projects
  • Charity Cat’s efforts are deliberately not used for advertising purposes

So far Charity Cat’s funds are a combination of private and commercial donations of money and products.

                               Ingrid Schoyerer

                       Head of the charity board

Ingrid is there for anyone who needs help or a chat. Her projects, such as ,,Sozialtreff Erlangen” or ,,Von Herz zu Herz” are very important to her. What does she like to do in her spare time? Going for walks in the evening with her husband! 






                             Sonja Nützelberger

                          Deputy/First secretary

Sonja is a founding member! Sonja has been supporting the Sozialtreff Erlangen for many years. Together with Ingrid, she has been helping with the food distribution there. Her favourite project is Fonmeh e.V. in Haiti. She would love to visit the orphanage one day!


                                Stephan Weiland


Stephan is probably the biggest BMG-Fan ever! He’s been a part of Charity Car for many years and supports a lot of the charity’s wonderful projects such as ,, Sozialtreff Erlangen”.








                     Carmen Hauswurz-Maier

Carmen has been a Charity Cat member for many years. At the moment she is looking after a project in Nepal. Her hobby is running – she has taken part in several city races!




                           Daniele Polvara

…is our all-rounder. He’s always in the middle of things. One of his current charity projects is “Sonrisas de León” in Cartagena. Daniele’s big other passion is playing football. His favourite club? Juventus Turin!








                                 Erwin Hildel 

Erwin is Charity Cat. He’s one of our founding members and has also been working at PUMA for decades. At the moment he mainly supports us by ordering PUMA items for donation.





                         Stefanie Wittmann

Steffi has been an active member for more than 2 years already. She is always ready to smile and always ready to help – which is probably one of the reasons why she joined Charity Cat! At the moment she’s responsible for the project “Timbuktu in the valley”.




                                Johann Maier

Johann is always ready to help! Or at lease he will know someone who knows someone that can help. Apart from that, his world centers around PUMA, football and movies.




                              Stephanie Schrage

Stephanie joined us recently, in 2021, but since then has always been happy to lend a hand. Her big passion: animals. Before joining Charity Cat, she was already working for animal welfare. Fun fact: turtles are her favourite animals (she even owns one)!





                               Justus Becks

Do you have a question about our website? Then Justus is your man! He loves to help out wherever help is needed. By the way, he collects football kits. Even if it’s not in his size, he can never say no to a new kit!




                                    Ngoc Tran 

… is Mr. Sample Sale! Ngoc is the brains behind every well organized Charity Cat sample sale (fundraiser) in Herzo. Fun fact: he has a beer tattoo on his right arm.



                                Marlene Ringel

Marlene loves to write – whether for work, fun or the Charity Cat website! She has been a Charity Cat member for more than a decade.