Be a Big Sister or a Big Brother for an unaccompanied minor refugee

The authority taking care of unaccompanied and underage refugees (“Inobhutnahmestelle”) in the Johannis area of Nuremberg is one of three such institutions in Nuremberg for refugees between the ages of 13 to 16. Charity Cat e.V. already supports it with product donations.

The young people taken care of there have fled to Germany from their home country without their parents and have often had a long – sometimes months or even years – and traumatizing escape journey. They often come from crisis areas like Syria or Iraq and come to Germany for a life without war or hunger.

Big Brother/Sister is a project to help these kids by supporting their integration and participation in society. Each young person is assigned an older, local, contact – comparable to an older “brother” or “sister” – who spends some time with them, meeting up informally for a free time activity. That way, they get to know “normal” life outside the institution and get some distraction from the hard things many of them had to experience while fleeing their country.

Do you live in or near Nuremberg and are you interested in becoming a “brother” or “sister” for one of these young people? Then please contact We’re happy to give you more information or invite you to a get-together evening with the young people from the Inobhutnahmestelle.