Charity Cat – Aiding refugees in Germany and in our region

They flee persecution or war, and often risk their lives to escape the desperate situation in their home country – in 2015, many refugees and asylum seekers again made their way to Germany. In September, the numbers of arriving refugees reached a record high. According to some newspapers, more refugees came to the Bavarian region in September than during the entire previous year. And unless the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and Irak and the situation in some African countries improve, we can expect more people to make the (often dangerous) way to our country.

At Charity Cat, we would like to make our contribution towards helping the refugees and asylum seekers, as well as support the organisations aiding refugees in our region and across Germany. Thanks to products from PUMA we have been able to make donations to some associations and organisations for refugees.

So far, this has included the following institutions and organisations:

  • Flüchtlingsbetreuung Herzogenaurach: football kits and boots for a team of refugees
  • Flüchtlingslager Obermichelbach: shoes and clothing
  • Erlangen EFIE: clothing
  • Kleiderkammer Hamburg: flip flops and sports clothes
  • Refugee camp at the former Höffner store Fürth/Nuremberg: clothes, shoes and bags donated by Charity Cat and PUMA employees to support the helpers from the organization Caritas looking after the refugees locally
  • Diakonie Rummelsberg: footwear and jackets
  • OASE Hersbruck: clothing
  • Netzwerk Flüchtlingshilfe Erlangen-Höchstadt: clothing and shoes
  • Flüchtlingshilfe Kirchehrenbach: different clothes

Please do continue to support us so we can make this list grow further!

Refugees are people who flee from persecution or war. Asylum seekers are people who flee to another country to formally request asylum there. (

Further information from the organisations from our region at the links below: