Clearingstelle Franken for underage refugees

Clearingstelle Franken is an institution that takes on underage refugees. It is based in St. Johannis in Nuremberg and has three locations in total around Nuremberg, Germany, with about 7 groups and 80 young refugees that are between 13 and 18 years old. These young people have come to the country without their parents and have often had a treacherous, uncomfortable and traumatising journey to get here. Most of them come from war areas or bad economic situations.

These young people are taken in by the Clearingstelle for the first three months after getting here. The main goal is to let the youths “arrive” and give them a safe and warm roof over their heads. Additionaly, their need for social caretaking and education is assessed. After, they are moved on to the most suitable long-term accommodation.

Besides “school, food, sleep and cleaning” the youths also receive an adequate offer of activities for their free time. It is here that materials are always tight. This is why Charity Cat in cooperation with PUMA organised a donation of clothing and shoes, including, e.g. football jerseys, football boots, outdoor shoes and jackets. Additionally, members of Charity Cat also organised donations privately.