Asociación José Dammert Bellido – Bambamarca, Peru

The association Förderkreis Cajamarca  supports a lot of different projects in Peru, especially in the district Bambamarca.

Peru’s environment is strongly affected by climate change with storms, frosts or droughts and also because of illegal logging. In Bambamarca trees are continuously cut down and natural resources are stolen. In an effort to help the environment recover there are some reforestation activities taking place.

In Peru there are a lot of poor farmers who can only afford to breed guinea pigs. The association is supporting them with new farmyards and give them courses in how to breed the animals more efficiently.

Another project is a local school for technicians for those teenagers who have no other opportunities to access higher education or further trainings in Bambamarca.

Charity Cat, a non-profit organisation formed by PUMA employees from Herzogenaurach, made a donation of €3.000,- which was used to fund the three projects.