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von Herz zu Herz

Von Herz zu Herz e.V. is a not-for-profit organisation that is active in the poorest areas in the Philippines. The organization is made up of a small team around Bärbel and Sharo Rahideh. Activities include building actual houses for poor families instead of huts made from waste materials, founding and building of preschools as well as financing medicine and operations for poor residents.

Sozialtreff Erlangen


The NGO „Sozialtreff Erlangen e.V.“ was founded in Erlangen in 2010 with the gial to alleviate poverty of certain social groups in the German town in addition to or complementing existing social offers. Socially less privileged people can come to the open meeting every other Saturday morning, which includes free breakfast and the opportunity to talk about problems as well as get information about further helping offers and organisations.

Springboard Foundation


The Springboard Foundation was founded in 2002 by Anni Helbig, a German national based in Metro Manila, to provide funds for organziations to help child development in the Philippines. Springboard Foundation is a grant-making foundation that mobilizes funds to promote nurturing environments for poor children in the Philippines through giving to partner organizations for improvement of child healthcare, nutrition, education, parent capacity building and disaster relief – to improve the welfare of Filipino children.



FONMEH e.V. stands for “Fondation main dans la main pour les enfants Haitiens”. A group of people – including pupils and students, retirees and working people – have come together in the foundation under the Haitian Jean Mondesir Benoit. The goal is to help orphans and poor children after the earthquake in 2010, by giving them a home in the orphanage and making it possible for them to go to school every day. The young people and children are looked after until they are old enough and able to find a job to finance their life independently.

Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen


Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen was founded in 1999 by Manfred Losert und Gebhard Fritschi, after a trip to Nepal, where they not only saw the touritstic sights and nature but also very poor people in the country. They decided to help with their private initiative “Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen”. The goal of the initiative is to give development aid to the poorest mountain regions of Nepal. Sustainability is a key concern, for example through integration and decision-making by the local population as well as transparency for those who help and donate.

Kinder- und Jugendhaus Bolle


The organisation Straßenkinder e.V. has founded the children’s home Bolle in Berlin, Germany, to give poor and homeless children and young people a better chance at life. A diverse program counters children’s poverty and provides better education. Each day, the organization takes care of up to 100 children and young people with its after-school and education program. A preventative offer helps children to stay off the streets in the first place.

Erlangen EFIE


Caritas Nürnberg


Kleiderkammer Wilhelmsburg


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